Le Mans 2005

Our intrepid heroes are ready to set out.  The blue colour is probably courtesy of an "underwater" setting on the camera.  Please note that Sam is dressed smart casual but that Nick has not bothered. gadzooks, he's wearing jeans.
click here if you want to get closer to Sam. Sam is not as tall as this cathedral in Rouen and I cannot find how to include the top of the cathedral in the photo.  But we have got rid of the "underwater" blue and we have got the time and date on the picture which may become useful as we try to assess how long since the race started.  Time to move on to the "Tete de veau".

The Tete de veau is apparently a traditional regional dish. Please feel free to try it if you wish but Sam and I have already done our fair share of testing it and will not be bothering again.  The starter, bottle of wine, coke etc were all rather better.  I forgot to take a photo so we have to move on to the next day.
We set off at crack of dawn but lost our way near Alencon and were so happy that we were almost there that we didn't realise that we had lost our way until we were thirty miles nearer to Paris than we should have been  So thirty miles later we were back on track but hit the inevitable queues as we approached the track.   We bought the best seats available at that time.

Please imagine looking across the track from the pits.  Then pan right along the grandstands as far right as you can and as high up as you can.   The seat to the right of Sam is mine.  The seat to the right of that has the random number 84.  It never had an occupant and probably never existed on the sales list.  To the right of it is empty space.  But we are here. We are a little tired but we are happy. There is about an hour to go before the start and we can see Sam's dimple.
Click here for the full size photo.
Click here for the full size photo. Still waiting for the race to start.